Friday, January 20, 2012

The Critic !

The Stardoll Fashion Critic is a blog ALL about the wonderful fashion
of the creative users on Stardoll.
We are going to be posting and judging the best, and the worst outfits of the day.
I know what you are thinking.. this blog is going to be like all the others, and feature
only elites, and well known people. But your wrong !
We are going to give everyone a chance, and praise the fashionably gifted users of Stardoll.

I'm going to be hiring a few writers for the blog.
To apply just fill out this form in comments:

Stardoll Name:
Previous experience (blogs): 


  1. Stardoll name: meyla_17
    Style: i don't have any definated style, I change it every day, i can define it like.. a street style, sometimes classic, but always fashion.
    Previous experience: i have a fashion blog;
    I wrote too for fashion blogs, and some stardoll tricks blogs.. now i only write for mine.

  2. Stardoll Name: twinkewinkle49
    Style: Pop, classy sometimes, but mainly cute maching outfits
    Previous experience (blogs): I write for my blo and I love the idea of this one
    I already have what I'm going to write if I get hired finished!

  3. Stardoll Name: sparklewand12
    Style: Quite classic, chic, 99% in heels, always accessorised.
    Previous experience (blogs): I have quite a bit of experience with writing, but the most relevant for this would be from

    Love K xxx

  4. Stardoll name: Ashley_Doggett
    Style: Edgy. I'm all about taking risks and trying out the newest in high fashion. I love mixing any kind of style element into my look everyday.
    Previous experience: (where I write ONLY fashion commentary)

  5. Stardoll Name:FlaviaLucini
    Style: Late 80s. Fun and High Fashion. My inspiration is the movie "Pretty In Pink."
    Previous experience: Unfortunatly, I do not have any experience with Stardoll blogs, although I am my schools editor and journalist :)

  6. Stardoll Name: oddball99
    Style: Classy but still casual.
    Previous experience (blogs):

  7. Stardoll Name : Izzy162
    Style : My style is fairly experimental. I love vintage + retro sort of stuff as well as edgy modern day high street fashion. I'm really not a girly girl as my fashion is quite dark.
    Experience : I used to have my own stardoll related blog which had started off well, but after a month I found it was too much work for one person and now I want to write for a shared blog (like this one)

  8. Stardoll Name: Ladyhearts//[My original account had been deleted because of a hacking scandal, so this is the best way to contact me.]

    Style: Vintage, Classy, but all the same, i like to keep it real and wear a pair of sneakers every once in a while. I live in California, so we cant really walk out in high fashion, but I love glossing through pages of catalogues :]

    Previous experience (blogs): I Co-Own
    & My Private blog:

  9. Stardoll Name: Avrilluvsu

    Style: Everything! I am a girl that would wear sneakers with her prom dress!

    Previous experience (blogs): ( Fickyficky deleted it )
    My graphics blog,

  10. Stardoll Name: Iluvladygaga232
    Style: Edgy but chic. Try a peach sparkly dress with A leather jacket and Louboutins.
    Previous experience (blogs):
    Inbetween Stardoll, Stardoll Critics, Stardoll Secrecy and a magazine. [Im not sure of the name because it's new.

  11. Stardoll Name: Girlygothicglam
    Style: I don't follow trends. I believe in wearing what you want, what suits you and what makes you feel confident instead of dressing in what everyone else is wearing. I don't really know how else to describe my style apart from unique and individual.
    Previous Experience: I have my own blog about Stardoll which is yet to be named. I have also wrote for two other Stardoll blogs (Fierce and Gossip Girl), I have been interviewed in BFM and have also been featured in Style Magazine.

  12. Stardoll name: degrassi4demi4
    Style: Everything. I can go from vintage, to punk, to classy. It all deppnds on my mood!
    Experience: I have had a stardoll blog but I couldn't find well-suited writers. It was, of course, a Fashion blog!

  13. Stardoll Name: pinkladygaga562
    Style: Punk, Classy with a vintige edge- My inspiration for this is my fellow stardoll members I don't copy what I see on stardoll but, I do use it for inspiration
    Experience: I am a realy good writer I want to be a nurse when I grow up (being honest) but, I do want to wright a book about vampires before I turn 50 (Anyways I guess you could say I'm obsessed) I was recently a manager for a club on stardoll called fashionforyou but, That changed because I was not very commited to stardoll (I 100% ashure you that I am now though)