Sunday, January 22, 2012

Unique or Bleek ?

As I was looking for some talented fashionistas today, only one caught my eye. 
This girl seems to have an unusual style which intrigues me somehow.
I love how she put it all together and made it work very well ! 
Although it is very dark it still has something about it which makes it appealing.

Tips: Change the shoes.. They look like clogs or something, and also change the bag its foul !

Rating: 7/10

Opinions ?


  1. I completely agree with your tips! And I do love the black + navy combination :D

    Love K xxx

  2. I love everything aside from the glasses. It really takes away from the look, in my opinion.

  3. in RL I actually like heeled clogs and her style kinda matches mine so 10/10 :)

  4. I agree with your tips, and I kinda like the style, especially the eyewear! :D

  5. 'I'll won't do wellknown people, blah, blah, blah'

    You've already done a fucking royalty, and you've copied your header graphics so just fuck right off and go start up some other crap blog that people will actually like!

  6. Royalty has nothing to do with being well known ? Have you ever heard of before ? NO. And why don't you read my latest post and stop throwing around accusations.


  7. To be honest, I love it all, although I think she could have added in another colour; I think that yellow or purple would really work well together with this look.

    - Eamonn Collins.

  8. I have to agree with Aislin, the glasses do take away from the look. But other then that, Good Outfit :)

  9. The gloves seem like a bit to much.

  10. @Blahm3 Perhaps you should check your comments before you post them. Your comment doesn't make sense.

    Royalty does have stuff to do with being well-known as people are more likely to click on you. Go report about someone hos not royalty and then i'll be happy since the latest person you did is also royalty.